Guanghsing's Applications

                        Medical The increase of medical computers highlights the importance and advancements in medical technologies; the combined support of medical computers improves health diagnosis with greater precisions, further developments of surgical arms has brought safer surgical operations at a scale which require extensive human experiences. As these medical developments improve, so does the need to extend capabilities of industrial computers, in order to provide adequate performances for overcoming evolving complexity.

                        These demands are not easy to obtain, strict requirements are necessary to be met for medical computers, whilst it's a challenge to develop new medical functions, its also as important for the hardware to be equally rigid and protected for emergent measure.

                        At Guanghsing we understand the needs of medical field computers, we desire to offer practical chassis that is long sustain with exceptional quality, its also our main concern that our products don't just meet the certification requirements, but surpass it in offering more overall value.
                        Aviation The aviation industry heavily relies on the support of industrial computers. Whether on board the aircraft or in a testing environment, extensive protection is necessary for these computer systems, rugged protection with high grading of shock absorbent, even full-water protection is required for its functionality in various environments. Majority of these aviation computers are responsible for transfer of data communications and navigation with ground control, extensive systems also monitors internal aircraft conditions, together these systems are brought about to maximize safety in air travel.

                        Guanghsing offers various range of rugged IPC chassis used within the aviation industry, our standard product range combined with slight modifications provides an direct solution to meet EMI benchmarks for the aviation industry computers, whilst not all sizes fit, therefore we offer the choice to fully customize an chassis with our in-house design, whatever the requirements are we can work to produce an viable solution.
                        Media Entertainment The media entertainment industry has transformed our lives. Its services provide mass information at easy convenience and cheaper costs, barriers of communications is no longer bound by distance, as people can easily access and share multimedia information with another. Each day the media entertainment industry continues to grow with extensive data being shared across the globe, newer developments been made to produce higher definition contents, large size data files to be accessed wirelessly at quicker pace, these developments has got riddance of certain procedures and components, but new hardware settings is also necessary to support these performances.
                        Automation Industry automation had been a key aspect for recent industry revolutions. Automation in production is no longer reserved for large factories only, increasing small-mid size production sites have begun implementing automated functions to decrease human errors and boost efficiency.

                        Focus of industrial computers within the automation process acts as IoT gateway or automation controllers. In this case its necessary for the chassis to be rigid and operating in heated, confined space, much of these equipment seek out for an fan-less system with heat disperse functions.

                        Guanghsing offers a range of chassis sizes that are suitable for different compartments within the automation process, we could also aid in customizing chassis with considerations for your operating needs such as heat disperse methods, panel design, overall specs requirements etc., Guanghsing offers dynamic solutions to suit your desires.
                        Transportation Guanghsing's products has been affiliated with multiple transportation services, varying from marine to ground transport. Many of these transportation systems act as data controllers for other functions, which in its operating environment, its critical for data to be secured and uninterfered by vibrations and shock, some chassis are also designed for compact spacing with minimal air flow.

                        Our diversified product range could provide an viable solution to fit the design, additionally we ensure to take considerations of key environmental issues, enhancing our chassis for the best protection.
                        Security & Surveillance Part of the automated industry is the surveillance of site production schedule and network security. With the interconnection of automated production plant, progress could be easily monitored through network systems; such would require instant surveillance feedbacks to ensure all procedures are conducted accordingly.

                        At Guanghsing we're always aiming to meet the standard requirements of these fields, it is important to us that our products provides the value you desire on specific services, we offer dynamic range of industry chassis, however not limited to, since each have enormous customization abilities, with our in-house design team, production site with NCT, laser cutting and press machine equipment, we're certain that our flexibility provide you with unlimited potentials.